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How To Make Your Customer Buy you Before They Buy Your Products

As a sale professional you have to realize that your customer always buys you before they buy your product.

Selling is like a relationship in the fact that you need to show your customer a few things that are important to them before they sign on the dotted line of your product.

Your customer has specific needs that you are trying to provide a solution for and in most cases that’s the reason you got the appointment in the first place. So you both know that you are trying to sell them something to fill their need or solve their problem.

To the customer, there is so much more to the process than being sold or just buying and it’s rarely the price. Now in all fairness, in some cases the price does play a role, but in most cases it’s the other things you do for the customer.

                  The customer has a few wants of their own:

  • They want to know you are the best person to solve the problem
  • They want to know you care about them as an individual and they are not just another number or appointment for the day
  • They want to know that you have done your homework, that you know the ins and out of their problem and that you have thought the solution through
  • They want to feel that they are not a man or woman on a island and that once the sale is made you will be there for them in the future
  • They want to feel like you are their friend and that they can trust you and your company with personal information

When the customer feels that you meet those wants you will get the sale even if the price is a little higher.

There are very few times you will not have any competition when selling your product, so go the extra mile and put the customer first, put their needs ahead of yours, put their needs ahead of your paycheck, put solving their problem as your main focus, put their satisfaction ahead of yours and place their customer service at the top of your list.

When you do all these things, it becomes overwhelmingly clear to the customer that you are the best person to solve their problem and you will get the sale.

When you put the customer first they buy you, your caring, your effort, your professionalism, they trust you and the sale is a natural conclusion of your efforts.

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