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OPEN TRADE ARENA is an online classifieds ads site driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power of trade directly in your hand – giving you the freedom to trade openly however, whenever and wherever you like.

Selling on our site is easy and faster, to maximise your chances of success we have listed tips below, which will improve your chances of success when train our site.

One of the main ways to maximise your chances of selling faster is through writing a great classified advertisement. In this section we discuss the various Tips to consider before submitting your listings for publication on our site.


Write a great headline

First thing you must do is  Create a headline that captures and grabs attention easily!

This is often a part of writing a classified ad that actually takes little time whereas a significant proportion of the time taken should be spent on the headline. Without a compelling, attention grabbing headline the visitor will more than likely never read the rest of the ads anyway.  Always remember to use attention grabbing keywords such as “Free, bargain, sensational, last chance, Grab Now, Urgent deals”, etc.

Write a well detailed body description for your ads

The next part of the writing is the description of the advert. Make sure you write a really detailed description which best provides all of the information needed about your item. Ensure the advert answers all the questions you would have and “tweak” until it does. Give more detailed information as possible – a benefits listing, measurements and specifications and any other useful information.

E.g, listing on Car description should include Year Manufactured, Mileage, Transmission, Engine, Model, Body stlye, Condition, e.t.c


Use best related keywords

A little bit of research and thinking will reveal the best keywords to use when marketing your items for sale. Use tools online to research the most popular keywords used. Make your advertisement as appealing as possible through the eloquent use of English.

Use best call to action words and contact information

Don’t be ambiguous; clear of your intentions. This can be achieved through “call to action” words and buttons. Promote any deadlines and use phrases such as “click here”, “call this number or email”, e.t.c

Honesty is the best (and only) policy

It’s tempting to over-inflate the quality of what you’re selling to achieve a higher price and/or a good sale. Don’t lie, be honest at all times, deceit often leads to confrontations and complaints. So always be honest, your reputation is paramount and worth more than one sale.

Upload good quality photography

A picture can paint a thousand words, so be sure to include good featured images of your item for sale with your listing. Photography can help clinch the sale as it visualises before the buyer’s eyes what is for sale and also shows the quality. Also, in many cases buyers will simply ignore listings which have no photography attached, especially for certain items.

Quote right price

when selling anything on our site it is important to set a realistic selling price. Research is critical, check other listings for your item and set a competitive price. Setting a low price is likely to clinch a sale but you could be losing out on valuable funds by discounting too much. State if the price is Negotiable in the Suffix box.


Give details of your social Networks (if Any)

Providing your social Networks links  like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, NairaLand, Whatsapp will give you more sales, authenticity and trust to buyers.


Keep within the law

Always keep within the law, both of the posting and also the terms and conditions of the site. Remember that buyers have statutory rights just like they have when they buy from a shop. Make sure the listing description is fair and accurately describes the product, if it doesn’t this may lead to automatic banned from using


We hope you have enjoyed these tips and are sure that if you practise all of them you will be well on your way to successfully selling on OPEN TRADE ARENA. We wish you the very best of luck and success!


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