My Ad was Deleted. Will My Fees be Refunded?

If your ad was deleted for violating OTrade policies, or if you have deleted it yourself, then any paid fees will not be refunded.
In accordance with the terms and conditions of the site, all fees paid for features are non-refundable.

Why Was My Ad Removed?

We understand the removal of your ad may lead to some confusion or frustration, and we are here to help!
If your ad was removed from OTrade then most likely, it did not abide by our policies. You should receive an email with more information regarding the removal. Please take a moment to review OTrade’s posting policies.
If you feel that the removal of your ad was done in error, you can contact our customer support team. An agent will gladly explore the issue with you.

I Posted My Ad Incorrectly

If you have posted an ad in an incorrect location or category, you will need to delete and re-post the ad. Before re-posting, please make sure to re-select the correct location or category.

I Forgot My Password

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to recover your password:

  • Click on the “Login” link found on the top right hand of the page
  • Click the blue “Forgot your password?” link, follow the instructions, and we will send you an email to change your password.
  • The password reset link is valid for a period of 15 minutes. Once the reset request expires, a new password reset must be requested.
Please note:
  • Password recovery can only be used for registered users. If you have not registered for an account on OTrade, you will not be able to login.
  • If you receive an email with the subject “Not yet registered on OTrade” when you submit this request, your email address is not yet registered on the site.

Having a registered account comes with benefits and features that are not available when using an unregistered account.

What to do if you’ve Been Scammed

If you are the victim of fraud, please contact us support@otradearena.com and your local police station.

How do I Report an Ad?

Reporting bad ads helps keep OTrade clean and safe for other users in the community.

To report an ad that appears to be a scam, SPAM or otherwise violates OTrade’s policies:

  • Click the “Report Ad” link and select an option from the drop down menu provided. This link can be found below  the ad’s  on the left hand side of the page when viewing the ad.
  • If you have any relevant information to add, please give the “Type a Reason” option from the drop down menu to assist our support team when they investigate.
Please ensure that you:
  • Select the appropriate reason when reporting an ad. Reporting miscategorized or spam ads as scams can flood the reporting system and it impedes the investigations of our support team.
  • Do not report ads that are not in violation of OTrade policies.
If you accidentally flag an ad do not worry; flagging will only cause an ad to be removed if it is in violation of our policies.

Safety Tips?

Click here to Read Safe Trade Tips

What is OTrade Forum?

OTrade Forum is a market section for OTraders to connect, share latest market information and make buying and selling Fun.

How do I Delete an ads?

To delete an ad, please follow these steps

  • Login to your account
  • In the “My Trades”, Simply click the “Remove” link next to the ad you would like to remove.

Can I edit My ads?

Yes, you can.

To edit an ad, please follow these steps:

  • “Login” to your MyTrades account at the top of the OTrade homepage
  • From the “My Trades” select the Ads. Simply click the “Edit” link next to the ad you would like to change
  • Edit your ad and click “Save Changes”.
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